You do not need to edit video for Youtube!!

You do not need to edit video for Youtube!!

Yesterday, we knew the amazing product for Youtuber. Youtuber takes a lot of time for editing video. But the system will edit the video in place of you. It call “TORUDAKE YOUTUBE” made by Japanese engineer on the Yahoo Japan Hackathon.

It has a two amazing function for help Youtuber.

Automatically add subtitles

That application can automatically add subtitles. It can understand the important things and make a subtitles about that. If Youtuber pointed the space on the video, system add subtitle at this point.

Automatically change the scene

If you jump and move the place, system cut a moving time automatically. It is like a TV show and it’s wonderful!!

This application is not publish yet. It will help creator to make more creation. The world must be creative.